"Our students had a fabulous day at Lakeview Camp on a whole school field trip.  700 students, 65 faculty/staff, and 300 parents smiled all day!!  The activities were fun and educational."

"That's the BEST field trip we've ever gone on!"

— 5th grade student

"There are students, staff, and parents who are STILL talking about what a great day we had at the camp!"


— Robin Bass, Assistant Principal

— Karen Childers, Principal, Mt. Peak Elementary


LOL offers a variety of different classes. We will help you customize your class trip to maximize your time and create the best possible experience. Here are a few of the classes that are part of the LOL curriculum.

Earth and Physical Science
Students will conduct fun and educational experiments to test effects of gravity, wind resistance, and friction. Our rock class will take a hands-on approach to exploring the Earth's constantly changing surface and what conditions contribute to those changes.

Life Science
In these classes, students will learn about how life sustains on the Earth, the food chain, animal traits and niches, and how plants and animals survive in nature. In our decomposition class, students will learn about the nitrogen and carbon dioxide-oxygen cycles through hands-on activities.

Water Studies
Our water study classes give the students a chance to test water samples, fish for macroinvertebrates, and learn about the water cycle through exciting and energetic classes.

Students take a step back in time to experience life as an early settler or American Indian. They will learn, firsthand, how difficult day-to-day life could be on the prairie and how these people survived.

Students experience nature in a fun and educational way. They will be taught the correct way to use a compass, how to recognize trees and the technique of tree plotting.

Team Building
Our team-building classes strengthen relationships and reinforce self-confidence. These activities are a favorite of students and educators alike! 



Game Day Challenge is an interactive character education program that uses fun and engaging outdoor competitions to promote team-building, problem-solving, trust, and other relational skills.


Our camp director, Jaroy Carpenter,  has traveled all over the state hosting GDC events at various schools. It is a highly effective program for all grade levels, and is a favorite of teachers and students alike! 


We also offer Game Day Challenge events right here at Lakeview Camp and Retreat Center! GDC field trips at Lakeview can be customized as 1/2 day or full day programs, utilizing the athletic fields and a wide variety of facilities and activities we offer. 

Watch this quick video to learn more.
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